Quest Fate's Whisper (subclass)

"Are you sure you want to listen to my sad story? You want to know about the past of the grand master, who failed into so deep that lost his good name and was expelled from the guild and sold his soul out to the demons?"

Maestro Reorin

Basic information

Fate's Whisper — one time quest by the end of which you unlock the ability of subjob opening. Special for Masterwork the quest was reworked for more earlier ability to get the subjobs. More detailed info about reworked subjobs on Masterwork read below Subcluss on Masterwork.

Pay attention!
In basic game version Fate's Whisper available for characters of level 75 and above.
On Masterwork servers it is available for players from level 52

Quest tips

Talk to NPC Maestro Reorin who lives in the mountains to the east from Oren to start the quest.

O-o-oh... That was dozens years ago... Those times I was the youngest from the guild members. But without any regret I must say that I was the best!

I was honored to make the greatest weapon for the mighty heroes of those times. Sedricks and Atebatl's swords, Leon's Blackbird spear - all of those are my creations! The Reorin's name was known belong the whole continent! Made at night weapon already was sold in the morning.

Everyday young smiths came to me to have lesson of my mastery. But I couldn't take them... By that time I already had three dozens of students!

Мастер Реорин Maestro Reorin

I also married to the first beauty of Schuttgart...But it wasn't enough for me...Do you understand? Yes, I had everything - richness, fame, love, honor, everybodies respect... But still I wasn't happy. It felt like the fire burnt inside me. I deside to make the greatest weapon - the masterpiece, that would make my name memorable through the centuries! Posessed by this idea I lost my dreams and piece. I was working all the time... I was at my blacksmith everyday, forgetting about everything. Beloved work played with it's master evil trick. That was the moment when the demons came to me. It was so seductive...

Death Lord Hallet came to me. He was the general of the dark army, the great conqurer, the main Angel's Enemy. He made me such an offer that I couldn't resist. He told me that he'll give that chance to make my masterpiece. I didn't listen to my wife and made the deal with Hallet... In the end I was tricked and trapped...And my sin fell on my wife's shoulders...
Everything was in vain! The one way to make my name again clean - is to break the deal with the demon. But I... I just can't disobey... Cause he took my wife's soul for this!

Now listen to me attentivly! Ghost knight Kabed — it's an evil spirit, who captures souls of the dead in this world and didn't realease them for the piece. He is dangerous for pure and clear souls... And now his collection is fullfiled with my wife's soul!

To find him... You need to go the Aden's cemetory...

After the Reorin's story we help him with wife's saving.
First target — Ghost knight Kabed Subclass raid boss lvl. 68
The RB is situated near the south-eastern wall of the Aden cemetory.
Kill the boss and talk to the chest Coffer of the Dead, obtain the item Reira's soul orb and return to Reorin.

Призрачный Рыцарь Кабед Ghost Knight Kabed

In this pearl... It's Reira's soul? Good... I feel her... Reira, I'll help you to rest in peace...

Listen! Thanks a lot! This orb made me free from the demon's chain. Now I'm ready for the revenge for those who treated me that bad way, those demons. It's the chance to clean my name and my honor. But for this I need your help.

Reorin thanks you for the wife's soul saving and asks you to help him to rescue his reputation. Maestro tells you about Infernium Scepters, that he created for the demons. Reorin wants to find and melt them. Go and hunt those demons.

Мастер Реорин Maestro Reorin

After the demon's deal I've created Infernium Scepter. Misterious Scepter — material of the Giant's epoch, nobody in our time was managed to find it. Demons seduced me with the opportunity to create the weapon from this rar material. I agreed... Even Dwarfs didn't had this material!

But now I'll return back all of Infernium Scepteres, my best creations, that were dreadful for me! I'll melt them and make for you special accessory. Help me to fight Bariona, Karte and Verfa!

First demon — Bariona Subclass raid boss lvl. 68
The RB lives on the river bank on the south-western part of Tower of Isolence
Kill the boss and speak to the chest Chest of Barion, obtain the item Barion's Infernium Scepter

Бариона Bariona

Second demon — Karte Subclass raid boss lvl. 68
The RB lives on the river bank on the southern part of Tower of Isolence
Kill the boss and speak to the chest Chest of Karte, obtain the item Karte's Infernium Scepter

Карте Karte

Third demon — Verfa Subclass raid boss lvl. 68
The RB lives on the river bank on the south-eastern part of Tower of Isolence
Kill the boss and speak to the chest Chest of Verfa, obtain the item Verfa's Infernium Scepter

Верфа Verfa

I can't believe! Indeed you've killed Barion, Karte and Verfa? That girl was so sure in you.

Go back to Reorin. As the reward maestro can make for you special weapon, but he needs some rare ingridients — Silenos Horn Shards.

Infernium Scepter... Was my best work, that was the key to my death... Now without any regrets I will melt it and create new masterpiece in honor for the new beginning.

It's enough to make new equip for you. But the process is not so simple, and we trully need Silenos Horn Shard. It's so rare and hard to get...

Мастер Реорин Maestro Reorin

Фавны Ванор Vanor Silenos

Silenos Horn Shard drops for every party member. Drop chance 100%, level difference doesn't affect the drop. Tactics - make party and hunt the monsters toghether for fast results.

Great, you brought the Shards. But it's not that simple again... We need one more detail for the creation..."

Obtained 100 Silenos Horn Shard go back to Reorin and maestro will tell that we need some more materials:

To create weapon A-grade you need weapon Top B-grade. The weapon must not be (common), chaotic or masterwork, have LS or enchantment level.

To create the necklace B-grade need 984 Gemstone: B

Мастер Реорин Maestro Reorin

If you want to get weapon, then during the talk with Reorin choose that you need to give.
Then choose the weapon you want to obtain instead.

If you want to get necklace then you should choose "Let's use the gems!"
For the gems you'll get Necklace of Grace B Mag.Defence 68

After obtaining weapon or necklace the quest is ended

Pay attention!
This quest gives you the ability to take subclasses without making the quest Mimir's Elixir.


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