Donat shop Masterwork

Basic information

Dear Eternal Players, We present you Donate Shop Masterwork . We have collected a maximum of useful items in one place — on the shelves of the shop you will find everything you need for a comfortable game.

Master Coin — currency you receive for donations in your Personal Account

  • 10 Master Coins = $1 (Dollar). Master Coin is pegged to the dollar and can change against other currencies, depending on the exchange rate of other currencies to the dollar
  • Coins are transferred between players and can be put up for buy or sale in the personal store. This allows you to take advantage of the Donate Shop without investing real money
  • Coins can be selected as currency for making transactions through personal shops and manufactures on an equal basis with adena

The project has a loyalty system - deposit bonuses and cumulative discounts in the Personal Account store.

For detailed information on Balance Replenishment and Loyalty System, see Balance replenish, Discounts & Bonuses.

Игровой магазин Donate Shop E-Global Masterwork

 Premium Account

Premium account — special status of game account. PA holders get additional bonuses to experience and drop, access to rim kamaloka and other benefits.

For detailed information about Premium Account bonuses and VIP status, see the article Premium Account and VIP Status


Starter Sets are designed for those who value their time. Sets include A-grade weapons and equipment, unique costume jewelry, consumables, autoloote agathions, Vitality recovery items and other useful items.

In addition, the Unique Set adds exclusive items — riding pet, cloak and summon bracelet of party member.

The grade of equipment and consumables in the set changes as the server evolution.

For more information about the contents of the sets, see the article Starter Sets


During the game you receive coupons to receive various equipment for achievements, tasks or from the starter set.

NPC MW Premium Store Butler Exchange coupons for weapons or armor you need.


Masterwork Club offers you the following opportunities:

  • Global chat golden colour (symbol >) for players of all levels. Only available with Club Card MW.
  • Magic support for characters and pets. Available to all players up to a certain level, depending on the stage of the server.
    High level players need to have a Club Card MW for this opportunity.
  • Club Teleport. Only available with Club Card MW.
  • Ivory Coin Shop. Available for all players.
  • Server Description Information. Available for all players.

For detailed information on the Club’s bonuses and benefits, see the article Club Masterwork


The Donate Shop offers a range of products to enhance the comfort of gameplay — Autoloote Agathion, Vitality Support Items, Experience Runes and SP.

For more information about autolootes and Vitality items, see the articles Autiloot Agathions Masterwork and Vitality System


The Donate Shop offers a wide range of the most popular consumables - various potions and elixirs, charges, arrows, cocktails and more.


Correct tattoos increase the character's effectiveness in combat. Now you do not need to look for the Merchant of Mammon to buy the right dyes — in the game store, the best dyes are available from the start of the server.

Pay attention!
Special dyes from the Butler Store are not the same as Mammon's dyes. To apply a tattoo, you need only 1 bottle of dye. Also, when canceling a tattoo, the dye will go back into your inventory. Special dyes is tradeble.


There is much free space — neither in inventory nor in the buff string. Donate Shop offers various products to increase the number of slots and other useful items.


Experienced players value their time, and our team knows this price. Forget about long and boring quests — on server Masterwork Eternal professions, subclasses and items for it's pass are sold in the Donate Shop.

 Sub to Main

There are cases when a subclass is so good that you want to make it the main. On Masterwork servers you have this opportunity!

The Masterwork Donate Shop offers a subclass change service to main.
You need a special item for your change — Proof of Magic Transfer 1 use .

The proof is selling only in Personal Account site, cost — 250 Master Coin . After buying the Proof talk to NPC Butler MW Premium Store , to make the change of the class.

Special conditions:

  • Main class and subclass must have a second profession
  • If you change class from level 60 Gladiator to level 45 Shillen Knight subclass, then your main class will become a level 45 Shillen Knight. Level 60 Gladiator will become a subclass
  • After changing your class, your character's race will change to the one corresponding to the new class
  • Characters of the Kamael race can only change class to another class of their race
  • Changing class to Inspector (Judicator) is only available through a special quest Seeds of Chaos
  • The service is not available for changing class to Terramancer and Tectonic Sage
  • The service is not available if you have completed at least one fight in the current period of the Olympiad
  • The service is not available if the character has Hero status
  • Change available only once a week


Pets make our game better — furious wolf will help you in the battle, at the same time cute cougars, buffalos and kookaburroos give beneficial effects and improve health and mana. Masterwork Donate Shop offers adult, trained pets ready to become loyal companions. Cougars are trained to the tray. All pets are sold at once 75 levels.

On Masterwork project pets got nice changes. The abilities of cougar, buffalo and kookaburra are now indistinguishable — each gives all kinds of buffs and restores health and mana.

New skills added to pet actions — Heal control , Recharge control , Fighter buff control , Mystical buff control . With them, you control the pet’s functions:

  • Heal and Recharge Control prevent pet to restore health and mana to owner
  • Effects Control allows the pet to impose physical and mystical buffs on the owner
  • Pets restore health and mana outside combat mode
List of pet's positive effects :

Fighter set

Mystical set

Pay attention!
Pets still want to eat. Watch your friend and feed him on time!



Talismans are an essential item for the Olympiad. In the past, you had to change thousands of epaulettes or run different NPCs to get a useful talisman, but now everything has changed. On Masterwork servers, all talismans are available for purchase from the Donate Shop for Adena and Adena + Master Coin.

Yellow talismans redesigned to updated in gameplay - effects of several old talismans are combined into one. New talismans have more mana to use than common talismans.

Greater Yellow Talisman - Attack
Phys. Att. +22, Mag. Att. +30, Att.Speed +15, Cast.Speed +12, Crit +30
Talisman has a total bonus from old talismans:

Greater Yellow Talisman - Defense
Phys.Def.+35, Mag.Def.+30, Crit on char -100, Chance Crit. on char -3%
Talisman has a total bonus from old talismans:

Greater Yellow Talisman - Speed
Speed +5, Accuracy +2, Evasion +2
Talisman has a total bonus from old talismans:

Greater Yellow Talisman - Regeneration
Heal power +40, CP Reg. +10%, HP Reg. +10%, MP Reg. +10%
Talisman has a total bonus from old talismans:

Pay attention!
Equip a talisman with 15 seconds' use-time


You don’t know what to give your healer? Graceful bracelet summoning pretty agathion melts the heart of any girl (or boy 😏).
Don’t you want to waste coins on useless trinkets? The Masterwork team made sure that this jewelry has found useful properties:

  • All Agathion Bracelets have a passive autoloote effect regardless of their cost, lifetime and appearance
  • To activate the autoloote it is enough to put on the bracelet, summon the Agathion is not necessary

In addition, we've added Agathion, which controls the level of Vitality:

Autoloot Vitality Agathion - Angel Gift for 7 days
Passive skills — Autoloot . For activation equip the bracelet
Active skills — Agathion's gift . Instantly restores 5000 Vitality points and holds energy for 30 minutes. Re-use time: 3 hours.