Manor system


Manor or "farming" — mechanics, that allow players to harvest materials and buy useful items for castle owners.

Castles sell seeds, players buying it and plant while hunting monsters, harvest and sell crop back to castles. Harvested and ripe crop can be exchanged by castle owners for special rewards.

Manor is running by special NPC, who can be found in every town near the wagon.

Manor Manager l2

Seeds can only be used at the same territory where the castle located. For example if you buy seeds in Giran you may only manor at the Giran territory. To find out what territory you are located at type /loc into game chat.

команда /loc

Seed types

Seeds can be general or alternative.

General seeds removes all loot from monsters, excluding adena and seal stones. At the same time they have 100% chance for successful usage. Amount of harvested crop increases if monster have multiplied HP amount.

Alternative seeds do not remove loot, but have a very low chance of successful usage that depends on many factors, and always gives one piece of crop, regardless of the monster's health.

For each type of crop you can get 2 types of materials, which one — depends on a castle owner's decision, when he sets up crop purchase. A seed type affects the material you will receive. Alternative crop have same rewards as a general one, but amount of materials are slightly increased.

Seed market by towns
Name Level Gludio Dion Giran Oren Aden Innadril Goddard Rune Schuttgart
Seed: Dark Coda 10 +     +         +
Seed: Red Coda 13 +     +         +
Seed: Chilly Coda 16 +     +         +
Seed: Blue Coda 19 + +   +         +
Seed: Golden Coda 22 + +   +         +
Seed: Lute Coda 25 + +             +
Seed: Desert Coda 28 + +             +
Seed: Red Cobol 31 + + + +         +
Seed: Chilly Cobol 34 + + + +   +     +
Seed: Blue Cobol 37 + + + +   +     +
Seed: Thorn Cobol 40   + + + + +     +
Seed: Golden Cobol 43   + + + + +     +
Seed: Great Cobol 46   + + + + +     +
Seed: Red Codran 49   + + + + +     +
Seed: Sea Codran 50   + + + + +     +
Seed: Chilly Codran 52 +   + + +       +
Seed: Blue Codran 55 +   + + +       +
Seed: Twin Codran 58 +     + +       +
Seed: Great Codran 61 +   +   +        
Seed: Desert Codran 64 +   +   +   +    
Seed: Blue Coba 67 +   +   +   + +  
Seed: Desert Coba 70     +   + + + +  
Seed: Golden Coba 73     + + + + + +  
Seed: Desert Coba 76       + + + + +  
Seed: Sea Coba 79       + +   +   +
Seed: Twin Coba 82             +   +
Seed: King Coba 85                

Purchasing seeds and harvester

Let's take Giran as an example:

buy seeds and harvester for manor l2
buy seeds and harvester for manor l2

Talk to NPC Manor Manager Giran , buy seeds (1) and harvester (2). Follow to the location, where monsters of the level corresponding to the purchased seeds live.

Pay attention!

Leader of a clan, that own a castle, can't buy seeds and sell crop in his town, but at any other town this functions available for him.

Sowing and harvesting

To make this process more comfortable place seeds and harvester on the skill bar. "Sow" seed in a monster — in case of success you will see a message in the system chat. After monster dies use harvester on a body.

Sowing inner cooldown — 10 seconds.

If you are a Bounty Hunter then first harvest crop, then sweep spoil from the monster. Otherwise corpse will disappear and you will lose the crop.

planting and harvesting

To maximize chance of successful sowing and amount of crop, character's and monster's level have to be equal to the level of the seed.

manor seed level

Monsters with HP multiplier give more crop. Monsters with reduced (х1/2) HP give the same amount of crop as monsters with normal (х1) HP.

manor with monsters of x2 health

Selling your crop

Harvested crop can be sold to any castle, regardless of territory, where it was obtained. In exchange you will receive materials specified by the castle.

Pay attention!

Clan leader can't sell crop to his own castle, but can do that in any other place.

Talk to NPC Manor Manager Giran , select "View the Manor Status". In the window that opens, you can find out information about the market of seeds and the purchase of crop in all castles in the current period and following one. If that information absent, that means that castle owner did not set up manor. Although here you can find for what crop what type of material you can get.

View manor status
Seed purchasing information
Crop sales information
Information about resources for crop

The manor period updates at 20:06 server time (UTC+2 Kyiv), seed market and crop purchase although begins at this time. You can sell crop from 20:06 till 20:00. From 20:00 to 20:06 is maintenance time. At this interval system checking the results of previous period.

Crop can be sold at any town to NPC Manor Manager.

How to sell the crop?

  1. Talk to Manor Manager
  2. Select "View the Manor Status"
  3. Select required crop
  4. Find out rewards at different towns for selected crop
  5. Select required castle and specify amount of crop to sell. You can't sell one type of crop to different castles at the same time
  6. Confirm by pressing "Ok"
  7. if necessary repeat 1-6 for all types of crop
  8. After all hand over the manor with the button "Sell"
How to sell Manor L2
Select crops
Specify the castle and the number of crops
Sell your crops to the castle

When turning in manor, you may see three types of error at the system chat:

  • Wrong amount — you trying to sell more, then available for purchase in current castle. Maybe someone was faster than you
  • Can't sell the crop — someone turned in whole possible amount before you did
  • Maintenance is underway — maintenance not over yet and selling are not available. In that case you have to set up selling once again

Pay attention!

You can set the amount of crop for sale while maintenance going, to have time to exchange manor ahead of everyone else. The main trick is guessing the exact server time to be the first.

Calculating the amount of materials

Number of materials, that you will get for turning your crop can be precalculated by formula:

calculation of manor l2
  • Material — your target reward
  • Crop — amount of crop you turn
  • Castle price — buying price, set by castle owner
  • Basic price — double price for selling material to NPC-trader

For example let's count number of the crop Twin Codran , required to get 1 Mold Lubricant for minimal buying price:

  • Material basic price — 10 000 adena
  • Buyout price for 1 crop — 300 adena
  • Formula: 1 * 10 000 / 300 = 33,(3) pieces

The server rounds up to a whole number, this means that you will need 34 crop to get 1 piece of material.

You can find a few manor calculators on the internet, but Masterwork team are not responsible for their results.

Materials basic prices
Material Price
Stem 100 Adena
Varnish 200 Adena
Suede 300 Adena
Animal Skin 150 Adena
Thread 100 Adena
Iron Ore 200 Adena
Coal 200 Adena
Charcoal 200 Adena
Animal Bone 150 Adena
Silver Nugget 500 Adena
Oriharukon Ore 3000 Adena
Stone of Purity 3000 Adena
Mithril Ore 1000 Adena
Adamantite Nugget 5000