Den of Evil. Update and quests

This happened in the last days of the Orc Kingdom, when the High Shaman Varangka communicated with the evil spirits for which he was banished from the Plateau of Immortality. Varangka swore blood vengeance upon those who banished him from his homeland. He settled on the remnants of the old Orc town just south of present-day Schuttgart. He then enslaved monsters living there to use in capturing the Plateau of Immortality. In addition to this he concluded an agreement with the Orcs of Ragna, who betrayed Lord Flame, and prepared to attack the noble orcs...

Basic information

In the Gracia Epilogue update, the location of the Den of Evil has been redesigned to become a high-level hunting zone. In the Den of Evil 80+ level monsters appeared on the quest Expulsion of Evil Spirits Dynasty armor recipes are being mined.

The Den of Evil is inhabited by demons and humanoids with high magical defences and vulnerable to physical mili attacks. Location is suitable for solo players and small groups, high sociality of monsters makes a comfortable farm by mass skills.

Unique location mechanics

On the territory of the Den of Evil there are many camps surrounded by a palisade. Inside each camp monsters appear Kasha's Eye with different color aura.

Each monster has a special effect on players and monsters, increasing one of it's characteristics. The level of effect depends on the number of monster-eyes with aura of the same color - from 1 to 4. Monsters get additional effect lowering their P.Def.

Pay attention!
Kasha’s effects are only on the camp area and last 15 seconds.

Kasha's Eye l2

If you kill Kasha’s Eye, a new one with an aura of random color will quickly appear in it's place.

From time to time, Monster-eyes explode. This is preceded by messages that players see in the center of the screen and system chat. Each message is repeated 3 times:

  • All 4 of Kasha's Eyes have appeared
  • A great curse can be felt from Kasha's Eyes!

Leave the camp before the monster-eyes explode after the last message (approximately 30 seconds). Otherwise, you risk getting a debuff that will lower your P. Def., P. Atk. and Speed by 15 minutes — Kasha's Betrayal


Varangka's Dre Vanul l2

Varangka's Destroyer l2

Ragna Orc l2

Ragna Orc Warrior l2

Ragna Orc Hero l2

Ragna Orc Commander l2

Ragna Orc Healer l2

Ragna Orc Shaman l2

Ragna Orc Seer l2

Ragna Orc Archer l2

Ragna Orc Sniper l2

Quest for Dynasty recipes

Starter NPC Chairen
Level 80 ~ 85
Type Repeated
Chairen l2

Compleating of the quest Expulsion of Evil Spirits

1. Talk to Chairen , who lives near the pyramid in the Den of Evil.

2. Go to the orc camps of Ragna and kill the monsters

Ragna Orc lvl. 81
Ragna Orc Warrior lvl. 82
Ragna Orc Hero lvl. 82
Ragna Orc Commander lvl. 82
Ragna Orc Healer lvl. 81
Ragna Orc Shaman lvl. 81
Ragna Orc Seer lvl. 82
Ragna Orc Archer lvl. 81
Ragna Orc Sniper lvl. 82
Varangka's Dre Vanul lvl. 81
Varangka's Destroyer lvl. 82

for getting

Ragna Orc's Amulet
Soul Core Containing Evil Spirit

3. Having accumulated enough items, talk again with Chairen to get the reward:


Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Breast Plate (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Gaiters (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Helmet (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Gauntlet (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Boots (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Armor (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Leggings (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Helmet (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Gloves (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Boots (60%) NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Shield (60%) NG
Leonard NG
Adamantine NG
Orichalcum NG
Giant's Codex NG
Giant's Codex - Discipline NG
Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Breast Plate (60%) NG


Ragna Orc's Amulet (x204)


During the task Expulsion of Evil Spirits you'll get items Soul Core Containing Evil Spirit.

Accumulate 10 cores and talk to NPC Chairen, to exchange them on Protection Soul's Pendant

After receiving the pendant, go to the cave to the south of the location. The entrance to the cave is near the pyramid of Chairen. The way to the cave is indicated by totems with torches.

Den of Evil cave l2

Inside the cave you will find a large hall, in the center of which is located Guardian of the Altar. All players who are in the room are affected by Altar's Curse, which prevents them from attacking each of other.

Attack Guardian of the Altar to summon Dark Shaman Varangka and its minions. When Varangka is called up, players stop receiving Altar’s Curse.

Killing a mini-boss alone is within the reach of almost any class.

Dark Shaman Varangka l2

Pay attention!
Farang can only be called by a player with an item Protection Soul's Pendant
However, any player can attack Varangka! Experience, Drop and Energy Points will get the player or group that caused more damage.

If Varangka is not attacked within 5 minutes of the invocation, he will disappear. The Keeper of the Altar will die, and the next call will be available after the Keeper is revived (5 minutes).

Reward for killing Dark Shaman Varangka you'll get with some chance :



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