Pets: new skins

Basic information

Almost every player has a pet. Wolves, kookaburras, buffalos and tigers all provide invaluable assistance in the game.

For your fun and game variety, the Masterwork team has added the ability to change the look of the pet while preserving it's useful skills.

Now you can turn a boring buffalo into a fighting cock or a cute bunny. Moderate prices for pet skins are available to everyone, and the range is expanding every season.

Pay attention!
On Masterwork servers, kookaburras, buffalos and tigers have the same functionality.
Read more about this in the article Pets: Kookaburra. Cougar. Buffalo.

How to change pet's skin?

Rylai Hecsa l2

To change the appearance of the pet, summon it and talk to the NPC Rylai or Hecsa to the left of the entrance to the temple of Giran.

Select the section Pets, then select the desired skin. Your pet will be recalled and the item to call will be unsummoned for a new one.

You can see what a skin looks like directly at Rilay or Hecsa in the preview section of the screenshot.

Pay attention!
Skin change - reversible process. At any time you can return the standard kind of pet or choose a new one.

Skin prices

In shop with Rylai you can exchange pets only specified in the type exchange description.

In shop with Hecsa you can exchange any pets from this list for others from the same list.
For example: Brown Lion can be exchanged from Hecsa for Nixie, but cannot be exchanged for Ari at Rilay.

Wolf's skins

Improved Baby Pet's skins



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