Dimension Traveler's Blue Box

Blue-colored box given by the Kartia Researcher as a reward for defeating the dimension demons in Kartia's Labyrinth. Double-click on it to see its contents.

Weight 10
Can be attributed? No
Can be used on Olympiad? No
Item Skills
Limitations Private Warehouse Clan Warehouse Can Transfer in Account
Trade Drop Private Store
Corroded Durable Leather Braid (1) Chance-based
Corroded Adamantite Wire (1) Chance-based
Corroded Synthetic Braid (1) Chance-based
Fire Stone (1) Chance-based
Water Stone (1) Chance-based
Earth Stone (1) Chance-based
Wind Stone (1) Chance-based
Dark Stone (1) Chance-based
Holy Stone (1) Chance-based