Hair Accessory Pack

Chest containing Hair Accessory.

Weight 10
Can be attributed? No
Can be used on Olympiad? Yes
Item Skills
Limitations Private Warehouse Clan Warehouse Can Transfer in Account
Trade Drop Private Store
Rabbit Ears (1) Chance-based
Raccoon Ears (1) Chance-based
Cat Ears (1) Chance-based
Romantic Chapeau (1) Chance-based
Angel Halo (1) Chance-based
Demon Circlet (1) Chance-based
Pirate's Eyepatch (1) Chance-based
Outlaw's Eyepatch (1) Chance-based
Eyepatch (1) Chance-based
Party Hat (1) Chance-based
Refined Angel Ring (1) Chance-based
Refined Devil Horn (1) Chance-based