Player Commendation - Tallum Blade*Damascus (Water) PC-exclusive a

Tallum Blade*Damascus (Water) with limited enchantment options. When a dualsword is enchanted together with a two-handed sword, two-handed blunt, or fist weapon, its P. Atk. increases more than that of a regular one-handed sword. When enchanted to 4 or higher, increases Atk. Spd. by 8%. Inflicts more damage during PvP. Limited time item. Cannot be crystallized, and can only be enhanced with enchantment options.

Type Dual Sword / Two-Handed
P. Atk. 305
M. Atk. 121
Soulshot Consume 1
Spiritshot Consume 1
Weight 189
Сritical 8
Can be enchanted? Yes
Can be attributed? No
Can be used on Olympiad? Yes
Item Skills
Limitations Private Warehouse Clan Warehouse Can Transfer in Account
Trade Drop Private Store