Éclair Bijou of Destiny (Fire) - Haste a

Éclair Bijou of Destiny (Fire) with limited ability enhancement.
<Special Option>
Increases Atk. Spd. by about 6%. Increases damage inflicted during PvP.
When enchanted to +4 or more, it has a chance of increasing P. Atk., M. Atk., and healing power, and decreasing MP consumption for skill use for you and your party members during a Critical Attack. This item cannot be enhanced except with Destiny Enchant Scrolls.
No Soul Crystal option.

Type Rapier / Weapon
P.Atk. 228
M.Atk. 121
Soul/Spirit Shots Consumption 1 / 1
Weight 130
Шанс Физ. Крит. Атк. 10
Accuracy -1.5
Can it be enchanted? Yes
Can it be used at the Olympiad? Yes
Item skills
Restrictions Private warehouse Clan warehouse Transfer by account
Trade Drop Private Store