MW Box of Grand Olympiad

Open the Box to obtain any valuable rewards from Grand Olympiad! Double-click to see the countents.

Weight 0
Can be attributed? No
Can be used on Olympiad? No
Limitations Private Warehouse Clan Warehouse Can Transfer in Account
Trade Drop Private Store
Noblesse Gate Pass (250 - 650)
Noblesse Gate Pass (1 - 350) Chance-based
Noblesse Gate Pass (1 - 250) Chance-based
Noblesse Gate Pass (1 - 150) Chance-based
Giant's Codex (1) Chance-based
Giant's Codex - Mastery (1) Chance-based
Giant's Codex - Discipline (1) Chance-based
Olympiad Earring a (1) Chance-based
Olympiad Necklace a (1) Chance-based
Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Original Version) (1) Chance-based