Experienced Adventurer's Treasure Sack

Treasure sack containing the treasure of experienced adventurers. When you use it, you can obtain 1 B~S grade weapon (excludes Dynasty).

Weight 0
Can be attributed? No
Can be used on Olympiad? Yes
Item Skills
Limitations Private Warehouse Clan Warehouse Can Transfer in Account
Trade Drop Private Store
Great Sword b (1) Chance-based
Heavy War Axe b (1) Chance-based
Sprite's Staff b (1) Chance-based
Keshanberk b (1) Chance-based
Sword of Valhalla b (1) Chance-based
Kris b (1) Chance-based
Hell Knife b (1) Chance-based
Arthro Nail b (1) Chance-based
Dark Elven Long Bow b (1) Chance-based
Great Axe b (1) Chance-based
Stormbringer*Samurai Long sword b (1) Chance-based
Spell Breaker b (1) Chance-based
Tallum Blade a (1) Chance-based
Halberd a (1) Chance-based
Elemental Sword a (1) Chance-based
Dasparion's Staff a (1) Chance-based
Bloody Orchid a (1) Chance-based
Blood Tornado a (1) Chance-based
Carnage Bow a (1) Chance-based
Meteor Shower a (1) Chance-based
Keshanberk*Keshanberk a (1) Chance-based
Dasparion's Staff a (1) Chance-based
Infernal Master a (1) Chance-based
Destroyer Hammer a (1) Chance-based
Forgotten Blade s (1) Chance-based
Basalt Battlehammer s (1) Chance-based
Imperial Staff s (1) Chance-based
Angel Slayer s (1) Chance-based
Dragon Hunter Axe s (1) Chance-based
Saint Spear s (1) Chance-based
Demon Splinter s (1) Chance-based
Heaven's Divider s (1) Chance-based
Arcana Mace s (1) Chance-based
Tallum Blade*Dark Legion's Edge s (1) Chance-based
Draconic Bow s (1) Chance-based