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Rules of behavior of E-Global

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Basic provisions

1.1. By registering on the Master Work server, You automatically agree with its rules, ignorance or misunderstanding of the rules don’t release You from responsibility of its breaking.

1.2. The project administration reserves the right to make any changes to the services that are provided (game world, all our web services, as well as the rules of conduct) without prior users notification.

1.3. The Administration reserves the right to evaluate the actions of users and impose any sanctions on them in cases not covered by these rules, if it deems it necessary.

1.4. The server Administration is not responsible for any damage caused by playing on this project and other cases that may lead to undesirable situations.

1.5. The Administration may, but is not obliged to, return game values lost due to the loss of access to the account by the User, lost due to the fault of the User, as well as transferred independently by the User.

1.6. The Administration of the server has the right to change and/or partially or completely delete the data attached to the accounts (forum, Private, game character).

1.7. The Administration is not obliged to provide evidence confirming the justification of the application of sanctions due to the violation of the paragraphs of these Project Rules.

1.8. The Administration undertakes not to interfere with the gameplay unless there is a real risk of damage to the Administration’s resources and other players (both game and information).

1.9. The Project Administration reserves the right to confiscate objects from the User in case of violation of the rules of the project.

1.10. Failure to comply with the Project Rules will result in full or partial blocking of accounts (at the discretion of the project administration).

1.11 Ignorance of the Project Rules does not exempt the User from liability for non-compliance.

1.12 The Rules of the Project can be changed and supplemented. Users are obliged to consult themselves with changes and additions to the Rules of the Project.

User responsibilities in the game.

2.0. The User undertakes not to use the services provided by the Administration for commercial purposes

а) The User undertakes not to engage in the sale and purchase of game values, as well as gaming accounts/characters for real money (except for the in-game exchange);
b) The User undertakes not to sell/exchange game accounts/characters for game currency or game values.
с) Exchange game values/accounts between different game worlds as a project world of L2e-global like and other resources.

2.1. By using project services its prohibited for:

a) Use third-party accounts (accounts that have not been registered by the User) without the consent of the account owner (in turn, the owner is obliged to install character protection .lock in case of transfer of registration data, in case of refusal to use the . lock function, the owner is responsible for all actions of the character);
b) Transfer rights and/or obligations under this agreement, incl. transfer to third parties the right (possibility) to use the Account without the use of character protection (.lock);
с) Stealing game values from a character or damaging a player’s account.
d) Use inappropriate (obscene, provocative, insulting to honor or dignity of other Users) words and expressions in public messaging systems (chat, forum), as well as any objects/elements that can be used in the game;
e) Use third-party production software, proprietary developments designed to intercept, analyze or otherwise collect information about the operation of L2e-global servers, both across and in-game space, as well as software, simulating the user’s presence in the gameplay. These include Bots, clickers, game (macro) keyboards and mice and other ways of automation (except for the implemented Cyclic Macros);
f) Be in the same group (party) with a character using third-party software. If a violator is found, the whole group is punished.
g) Use game fraud, modification or hack tools designed to gain access to the character/account/other elements;
h) Intentionally by any action or deception to cause critical errors in other players and to profit on the player’s inattentiveness (trading, trade, kraft and messages, etc.);
i) Interfere with gameplay for other players, such as mechanically restricting their access to locations, NPCs (for example, blocking access to the GK by using a summon, transforming, shutting down a store, etc.).
 j) Intentionally use the similarity of textures and game objects, as well as nicknames of game characters to deceive other players, to create derivative works, composite works, without the permission of the Administration, incl. to shoot videos, create graphic images, etc.;
k) Impersonate a representative of the Administration/GM(s) (Master’s Game) or act ostensibly on behalf of the Administration/GM(s).
l) Create a nickname for a character that may contain - curse word, veiled curse word, inflammation of ethnic strife, insult on national grounds and others.
Take Leader Clan names (like l2teamStorm, Ledger and others). 
Create similar nicknames to mislead players (nicknames CLs or other players).
It is forbidden to create and play under the nicknames of the Server Administration (Papanda, Rylai, Safero and others).
It is forbidden to create a nickname with Admin, GM, etc.
m) Exploit software and game world errors, interfere with software code, gain unauthorized access to the computer system, access the database of users of the game or materials (the user is obliged to immediately report them to the Administration);
n) Take advantage of bugs (server malfunctions, game errors), including geodate problems (user is obliged to immediately report them to the Administration);
o)  Take any action aimed at damaging the resources of the Administration, obtaining unauthorized opportunities (access) to the resources of the Administration.

2.2. When User appeals to the support:

  • In case of technical or legal problems the User contacts the User Support Service. Learn more about the Support Service
  • When contacting support, the User must create a message in a special form, placed within the ticket, with a detailed description of the problem (what happened, nickname of the character, date and time of the incident).
  • The user is obliged to create a request on behalf of the character on which the problem occurred directly or on behalf of the main character.
  • When contacting the Support Service, the User is obliged to provide the Support Service specialist with complete and reliable Registration data, incl. identifying his identity. In case that the User provides incomplete Registration Data or Registration Data that raises doubts about its authenticity and ownership to the customer support service, the support specialist has the right to request additional information from the User.
  • When contacting the Support Service, the User should be provided with detailed information about the errors/deficiencies found (calculations/calculations of correct work, screenshots/videos that will help in the investigation and detection of errors, as well as references to reliable sources that will describe the correct work). If the User is unable to provide supporting information or provides incomplete information, there is reason to believe that the information provided is unreliable.
  • The Support Service sends a reply to the User within 24 hours from the moment of receiving the User’s appeal and providing them with complete and reliable Registration data. The term may be extended depending on the nature of the question, which the User is informed about additionally.
  • The User undertakes not to create false or knowingly incorrect questions not related to his incident, messages of obscene, provocative nature, as well as to interfere with the work of the support staff, in his application.
  • The User undertakes not to provide other users and/or the Administration with knowingly false information, either in making an application to support facilities or in cooperating in investigations or in bringing in a witness an informant.
  • It is forbidden to publish logs of communication with administration/support team without the consent of administration or support team (in game, forum, social medias).
  • It is forbidden to use the words of obscene, provocative, insulting nature of the message to the Administration or Support Service (in the support service, game, forum, etc.).

2.3. Basic Market rules :

Market balance can be replenished (top upped) in the section “Market” or by link: https://trade.l2e-global.com/ru/panel/market/addbalance

  • Be careful, as to make purchases on the Market, you need to replenish a special market account (NOT the main account of the Personal Account).
  • In case if the player accidentally replenishes the main account, the Project Administration can transfer the funds to the exchange account, not more than once.
  • Funds that have been transferred from the Market to the Main Account of the Personal Account - cannot be deposited into your cash account or returned to the Stock Exchange! 
  • If the player has mistakenly placed the wrong item or the wrong price, he has the option to cancel the item in the "Market" section of the Personal Account, but if the transaction has taken place, it is deemed to have been completed and cannot be canceled. Be attentive when placing lots.
  • Withdrawals may be delayed due to a number of circumstances (sanctions, bank and/or payment system problems, etc.).
  • If your character has been seen in a fraud or other situation that has caused damage to other players and/or the Project Administration, your property will be confiscated and a subsequent possible blocking of the exchange (prohibition on withdrawing funds).
  • In case when the Administration assesses that the goal of the User’s gameplay is to make a financial profit by extracting game values and implementing them using Market resources, the Administration has the right to permanently block  all game accounts and access to the Market with full confiscation of game values.

2.4. In-game gameplay rules:

  • Cheating on the purchase of items (buy/sell).
    For example: selling D gems instead of Stone of Purity,  putting crafts for 1kk++ resources at the claimed 100 aden, exhibiting items for 999kk to "take place in the market". and so on.
  • Private Store - sign must match the items sold by your character.
  • Scam, cheating and PK in the Instance Zone.
    For example: If you and other players are going to visit the Instance Zone (Laba, Kama, Zaken and others), it is forbidden to throw a party member  from the group, leave the group yourself or kill (PK), in order to pick up the drop or for a full experience.
  • Deliberately obstructing the passage of the Instance Zone.
    For example: Do not use the buffs of the debuffs, do not heal, do not restore the MP. After coming to the instance zone stand afk.

When contacting the Support Service, the player is obliged to provide screenshots or videos proving the player’s guilt or innocence.
The Administration has the right to choose the punishment based on the situation of violation of these rules. Both for mitigation and increased punishment!


Сначала мы работали тяжело, а потом стали работать еще тяжелее.
По всем вопросам можно в личку.
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