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New Summer Event on MasterWork Eternal!

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Dear friends!

Summer is coming, and it's coming to MasterWork Eternal as well. We've prepared new event for you!


skillraid.png General:

  • Event launch: 30th of May
  • Event end: 20th of June


etc_instrument_i00.png How it works:

Monsters all over the game world will drop event_honey_watermelon_seed_i00.pngDirty Watermelon Seed. Bring them to NPC Averia in Giran Town.

You can exchange Dirty Watermelon seed for: 

  • event_watermelon_seed_i00.pngWatermelon Seed - seeds used to plant a watermelon. Additional payment is 50.000 etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
  • watermelon_slice.pngWatermelon Slice - slice that provides buff on use.

Buff effects when Watermelon Slice is used:

  • Max. HP/ CP/ MP +20%
  • Speed +10
  • PvE damage +5%
  • MP Consumption -10%
  • Phys/Magic defense +5%

Effect duration – 1 hour. Not available while on Grand Olympiad arena!

Seeds you get from NPC Averia can be used for planting your own watermelon. There are 3 types of watermelons, each of them rewards you with   event_oriental_park_i00.pngChest of Summer Spirit.

  • Bad Watermelon contains 1 chest.
  • Mid Watermelon contains 2 chests.
  • Good Watermelon contains 3 chests.


Learn more about rewards on our wiki: https://l2e.global/wiki/item/34300-chest-of-summer-spirit#capsule


g_co_swimsuit_event_02.png Character customization:

It's not a summer if you are not wearing swimming suit :)
New stylish summer suites has been added to NPC Averia assortment. This is must have if you are having a beach party!

P.S.: Everyone who's still have their Good-Looking Kebab or Wonderful Zephyra`s Potion from past events, can exchange them for fresh Watermelon Slice! Don't miss your chance!


Have a nice game and bright summer!
With 💗, E-Global & Averia

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