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If there isn't any event coming on close time, can you gms at least change daily attendance check prize for something more usefull than tickets for kama/laba? How am i supposed to even use them on char when highest laba is 69 and Kama 66??? Maybe change for some shadow epics jewels for 7 days or something.

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Why is there no event yet? Event promised after merge, almost two weeks after merge and nothing has been launched, not event any info post on forum. Players from old server had no meaningful event since MW2 launched and MW2 had massive boost for players getting top equip in the end. 

Seems to me, people behing this server dont care anymore... skills reset their enchant from +30 to +0, and you go "well, you can always enchant them back" as if nothing happened.... riddiculous. The inaccessibility of Kama/Laba for higher levels, even when you speed up the leveling process... why? Makes no sense, like most of the things...

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Yes, last event with tickets on mw2 was made only to burn adena/cols, so ppl from mw1 can buy items from mw2 for their adena/cols. And as gms said this event should go 1 week after merge aswell but never did.

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24.05.2022 в 19:23, Flantcz сказал:

Seems to me, people behing this server dont care anymore...

No, we still care. We just need some time to prepare everything

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I know it's hard with whole situation with war raging there and that your crew have other things to do besides this server but it's really sad that after merge players got nothing new. Even guys from mw1 from what i saw, aren't especially farmed.

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