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Dear friends! Servers will be shut down for maintenance regarding servers MW1 and MW2 merging on May 11 at 11:00 (server time). Two MW servers will form a new MasterWork Eternal server.

Approximate maintenance end: server will become available around 18:00 server time. Maintenance may take more time, stay tuned.


etc_paper_black_i00.png General information:

  • All characters parameters will be saved. Listed parameters won't be affected:
    • Level
    • Amount of EXP/SP
    • Skills (except reworked or removed skills during MW2 lifetime)
    • Inventory
    • Warehouse
    • ...and other
  • Castles/Fortress/Clan Hall owners will be reset
    • Warning: do not forget to withdraw Adena from your castle's treasury!
  • Territory Wards will reset
  • Grand Olympiad Hero status will be saved for characters from both servers, there may be some issues with heroes displayed on the list
  • In case when two characters/accounts/clans/alliances then characters/account/clan/alliance from MW1 server will have prefix A_ added to avoid issues
    • Character with this special prefix will be able to change nickname for free on control panel
    • Changing names for clans and alliances will be done via support tickets


etc_plan_i00.png Soon:

  • First Territory Wars will take place on May 28th
  • First Castle Sieges will take place on May 15th
  • Next Grand Olympiad period will start on May 18th


Also we are working on update for MasterWork Eternal. Stay tuned ;)


With ❤️, E-Global & Averia

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Меня одного не пускает? you have been disconnected from the server - при логине. И количество чаров при логине -54 Оо 😅


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17.05.2022 в 14:17, DualFORCE сказал:

Меня одного не пускает? you have been disconnected from the server - при логине. И количество чаров при логине -54 Оо 😅

Конкретно вас ждут в телеграме @Safero

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