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MasterWork II: Updated server rules.

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Dear players! 
Due to certain circumstances the rules of the project will be tightened. Violation of the rules will lead to acount blocking.
Please note that blocking is not subject to appeal.

1. Swindle when buying / selling items.

Example: selling D gemstone instead of Stone of purity,  setting craft for resources for 1кк++  with declared 100 adena, setting for a sale items for 999кк in order to take a place in the market.

2. Offline Trade - the sign must match the item on sale for your character.

Characters who are cheating, swindling or in any other situation that results in damage to other players will have their items confiscated. It's also possible to block access to the market.

3. Scam, cheating and PK at Instance zone.

Example: If you are going to visit instance zone (Laba\Kamaloka\Zaken etc.) with other players, you can't kick party members, leave the group on your own or kill another players (PK), in order to take all the drop and all the experience.

4. Insulting players in public chats (hero voice, global chat, general chat and forum) will be punished by muting the chat up to 999 min.
It is important to understand! We perfectly understand that swearing is an integral part of our life and language,  we don't prohibit swearing. But we are against when a person is insulted.

5. There will be a limit on the price of master coin by selling on the market, through chats etc.
Current exchange rates of master coin: 
Buying-up: 150-235к
Sale: 150-250к
Price information will be updated in this topic and\or in the topic about the exchange.
It is IMPORTANT to understand that any attemps to circumvent the restrictions will signify as violations.
Also any other attemps to influence the market by creating an artificial scarcity of master coin will be punished by accounts blocking.

For those who want to say something like "this is a game situation" or "this is an intervention in the gameplay" we want to say that the scam \ cheating on trade \ РК in instace zones these are game situations that harm the players who want to play fair.
We ask you to follow the rules and help us make a server that will cause only positive emotions.

We hope for your undestanding.



Сначала мы работали тяжело, а потом стали работать еще тяжелее.
По всем вопросам можно в личку.
Всех лю😊

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