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MasterWork II: Easter Eggs

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Dear friends!

Introducing new feature on our server - Easter Eggs.
If you are not familiar with Easter Eggs, first let's find out what are they.
«Easter Egg» — secret in a game (also movies or software), added by developers. Easter eggs are inside jokes for attentive players. Usually they found by accident or by performing complex actions to find them.

On our server Easter Eggs are hidden NPC all over game world in some secret places. They can refer to memorable events or just be in some places where you don't expect to find something unusual.
Reward for finding an Easter Egg can be useful consumables or some certain item. This items are marked as Trophy to separate them from other items and also display its rarity. 
Items can be personal and tradable.

There are two types of Easter Eggs:

  • Single-use - only available to the first player to find an Easter Egg. Discovery will be announced in the global system chat;
  • Unlimited use - available to all players but can be only used once per character. 


This secrets were in the game since launch day but only announced after first one was discovered.
We did it on purpose because Easter Eggs are not supposed to be announced. Don't take it as an event or some sort of thing. It is what it is supposed to be, secrets that are hidden all over the world and you should keep secrets 😉


Player who will find an Easter Egg will be honored in this forum topic!


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