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Stream without borders, second stage

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Good day, friends!
The last competition showed that a lot of gifted and interesting streamers play on our project. So we decided to extend the competition and launch its second stage.
Time of the promotion: From December 21 to January 20. Summing up: January 21.
Prize fund: 100 000rub
Number of winners: 10

Rules for participants:

  • We leave a post in this topic with a link to your stream. *IMPORTANT! If you change the channel as a result of a ban, you do not need to add a new post, edit the old one. 1 stream = 1 post.
  • The title of the stream must contain the phrase: Lineage 2 MasterWork from E-GLOBAL & Averia.
  • 3. The stream description should contain a link to our website: https://bit.ly/32N8yl0
  • Stream recordings should remain on your channel.
  • The second post here will be a banner that needs to be put on the stream. The banner will be updated if necessary, information about updating the banner and the banner itself will be at the second post.


Сommon decency:

  • Do not do AFK streams, walls / fishing, etc;
  • In the description of the stream, as well as during its implementation, there should be no mention of services for the sale of game values and advertising of other projects;
  • During the stream, there should be no inappropriate insults to the Administration or the E-Global / Averia.ws project itself (We are open to suggestions and constructive criticism, but you need to know when to stop).


We wish you big donations and a pleasant game ?
We wish you big donations and a pleasant game To add your stream to the main page of the site, write in telegram: @Safero
* We are aware that Innova is trying with all her might to make life difficult for streamers and is never stingy on bans and strikes, therefore you take part in the competition at your own  risk.


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