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MasterWork NEWBIE GUIDES (my path is from 1st to 20th level)

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Let's talk about the beginner's assistant, Newbie Guide, who will be your reliable companion at the start of the game.

You can find this NPC in any starting location, he will endow you with magical support and, depending on the level, will give you bonuses that will help you level up your character at no cost.



At the first dialogue with him, he will give you 200 NG SS and 12 Newbie Travel Tokens.
Support magic would be given from the first level, for this, select the item "Get magic support ".

The most important and valuable thing you can get are weapon and armor, but for this, you need to observe small conditions in terms of level.

For example, to get the first weapon, you need to get to the level 5, and in order to collect a whole set, you need level 15.

And so, you can get all the necessary things by clicking on "Get help for beginners" then you can select the subject you are interested in from the list.


  • Level 15 NG weapon coupon 3 pcs.

  • Level 8 Family Oath Boots (light & robe)

  • Level 11 Family Oath Glover (light & robe)

  • Level 13 Family Oath Brigandine (light & robe)

  • Level 15 Family Oath Helm




Set bonuses

Family Light set:

  • M.Def. +5% / P.Attack Speed +5% / Evasion +3.

Family Robe set :

  • P.Def +5%/ MP Regeneration +5% / Casting Spd. by 10%.

Family Set has parameters of a Low D Grade Armor.
In addition to the coupon for NG Weapon and Family Set, also you gonna get NG SS and Family Healing Potion.


Newbie Weapon
Upon reaching level 17, Newbie Guide will give out improved NG weapons:


Upon reaching level 20, you can take a coupon for Low D gr. Weapon:


You need to exchange coupons for weapons in the section NG & D gr. weapons.

Be careful, NG and Low D weapons are not worn if the character has more than 0 PK.

I hope, this little guide will help you in making progress and bring your character a little bit of a joy;)


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