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[13.11 - 19.11] OBT of Lineage2 - MasterWork Server

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Dear friends!
We are happy to officially announce the date of the
The start of the Open Testing is scheduled
on November 13, 8:00pm. Kiev Time and 9:00pm. Moscow Time.

In this topic, we will keep a chronology of changes and improvements, as well as duplicate basic information.

We, like no one else, understand the scale of development that we have undertaken and confidently lead it to a state where we can present it to you. However, do not forget that the Open Test Server is made specifically to test and help us make the best product for you. Only together we will be able to prepare a server that will guarantee you a good time.

As usual, we do not keep a detailed record of the activity of testers, but we always reward those who are especially interested.

During the OBT (and further, after it), we will publish patch notes and a report on the work done.
You can discuss the OBT at this thread or create your own.

? What can you try at the OBT?
OBT will present to your attention the first stage of our server, namely Pre-Interlude "before the 60th".
Olympics will be available
, the ability to check skills and balance of characters, as well as automatic PvP events.
What you should know about skills:

  • Almost all skill mechanics work according to HF, because on HF all the logic was improved and all flaws and bugs were fixed;
  • Some skills and mechanics will change by stages. For example, Resists (ATT) on Interlude (the first 2 stages) work according to Interlude, on Graces - according to Graces, on HF - according to HF;
  • We excluded some skills before HF. Example: Blasts, Fans, etc;
  • We have a number of our authors skills and mechanics that we've been preparing and balancing for the past few years;
  • We have broke down a number of passive and active skills that personalize professions, but are available only starting from the 3rd profession, into levels so that the character has more important skills from the first stage of the game;
  • We will try to prepare a complete list of changes in skills before the start of the OBT;Even after changes and revisions of mechanics - chronicles and classes will remain understandable and recognizable.

?️ Key dates:

  • Open Testing will start on November 13 at 20:00 GMT +2 (Kiev) / 21:00 GMT +3 (MSK);
  • The Grand Opening of the Server - November 20 at 20:00 GMT +2 (Kiev) / 21:00 GMT +3 (MSK).

? Useful links:

? File links:

❗Note! If you played with us before, you can log into your old Master Account and create a Game Account for the Lineage2 server - MasterWork inside it!
We also draw your attention to the fact that the entire unused balance of the exchange was transferred to the balance of the main Master Account.
The balance of your personal account and the cumulative discount from previous servers remain with you on this server.

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8 часов назад, killav сказал:

How its gonna be with bd/sws? Thats one of most important questions about skills and setup. 

The hope is that only one of those will be enough for the group and not usual 2.

BD and Sws will be combined, and one bard will be enough for the group?

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Dear players!
We would like to express our gratitude to all OBT participants once again!
A lot of you join our OBT server and we are appreciate everyone who put trust in our product and our team. Thank you!

The first 3 days of the OBT were devoted to the opportunity to check the start and equipment of the NG -> A-gr class, as well as very late content with weapons and armor + 10-16.
Now we would like to ask you to focus specifically on the content of the first stage, which is 1-60.


OBT 2.0:

  • On Monday, November 16, at 8:00pm Server Time (6:00pm GMT), a scheduled restart will take place on the OBT server, within which we will change the maximum level of characters to 60, and the OBT Shop - up to equipment up to B-Grade, inclusive.
    • Please note! All characters on the OBT server will be deleted;
    • We emphasize! Characters, but not Game Accounts! 
    • There will be a limit on the level of enchantment (ONLY DURING OBT):
      • Weapon: +8;
      • Armor: +6;
      • Jewelry: +6.

OBT 2.1:

  • On Wednesday, 11/18 at 8:00pm Server Time (6:00pm GMT OBT), the server will be transferred to the second stage, and the maximum level of characters will change to 72, and the OBT Shop - up to A-gr equipment, inclusive.
    • Please note! Characters will NOT be deleted!
    • There will be a limit on the level of enchantment (ONLY DURING OBT):
      • Weapon: +8;
      • Armor: +6;
      • Jewelry: +6.


Thank you all for your active participation in testing our server!
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