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Found 13 results

  1. Всем привет! Не хотел создавать тему не дождавшись полного описания концепта сервера, но времени до старта осталось не так много поэтому решил, что хватит давать фору нашим варам. У нас, как постоянных игроков сервера, не возникало вопросов о том пойдем мы или нет на новый старт. Так что прошу любить и жаловать безликих! C уверенностью могу сказать, что клан OldSchool готов к драке! Весенний сервер показал, что из-за стадийности разница между киберкотлетами из "бигвара" и работягами "мидвара" не на столько весомая и каждый может принимать активное участие в жизни сервера уже с самого его старта (кроме Шторма, он, пока, не понял как). Так что в этот раз мы постараемся еще раньше вылезти из катакомб и сразу же дать бой. Для этого нам нужны как крепкие PvP-направленные группы, так и ребята, которые готовы играть с нами на дистанции не торопя события. Также отмечу, что нам не важно на каком языке вы разговариваете - у нас интернациональный клан и мы будем рады всем! Отдельно отмечу, что будем рады видеть игроков, которые уже играли с нами и которым понравилось нашем коллектив. Из необходимых условий для всех: • Наличие голосовой связи. Именно ТС; • Участие в клановых мероприятиях; Меня вы можете найти в Discord: Ledger#5811, telegram https://t.me/LedgerOS или в лс здесь на форуме. Hi all! I didn't want to create a topic without full description of the server concept, but there was not much time left before the start, so I decided that it would be enough to give any extra odds to our opponents. We are, as a regular players of this server, did not have any questions about whether or not we would go to a new start. So here we are, guys! ? I can confidently say that the OldSchool clan is ready to fight! The spring server showed that, due to the staging, the difference between the bigwar and midwar clans is not so significant and everyone can take an active part in the life of the server from the very start (except L2team, they still didn't figure it out). Therefore, this time we will try not to sit out and fight right away.That's why we need as strong PvP-directed groups as parties that are ready to play we us all server long. I also want to mention, that there is no matter what language do you speak - we are an international clan so everyone is welcome. In addition, we will be glad to see players who have already played with us and who liked to play in our team. Of the necessary conditions for everyone: • Availability of voice communication (TS); • Participation in clan events; You can find me on Discord: Ledger#5811 telegram https://t.me/LedgerOS or via pm here at the forum.
  2. 2g00d, best clan/alliance to ever exist, is recruiting. NA-based Also working with Euros PM/mail: Riot Current Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13aBeai_afKqkxs-9JzhX6s0r_Afa5N3YzcIeOGvnR7c/edit?usp=sharing
  3. [Info] Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SirDarkyProductions Discord: SirDarky#3556 Prime time: 20:00 GMT+2 - 05:00 GMT+2 Recruits: ON we need 2 active players here are some videos:
  4. Hello, I started yesterday and im looking for a good eng/pt clan/Academy . I played L2 on Official and L2DEX , my main is Warlock. Add : Skinpad Lvl: 39 Cheers !
  5. InnerConflict Recruiting Active English Speaking Players InnerConflict is an international clan of 10+ years, from retail and many private servers. Every member uses discord for text chat and voice chat. We are currently looking for CPs and Solo Players. A large majority of our players are from the USA and Canada so we are looking for active CPs during the European Timezone. All classes welcome, except for dwarves. Every player already has their own spoiler and we have three clan crafters with all recipes. All other classes can be fit into a party for pvp, so we welcome any misfits. Join in on the PVP for EPICS, Raids, Sieges. If interested, you must first be: 1. An active player 2. Fully fluent in English and able to speak well enough in voice chat to the clan. 3. Willing to use discord whenever in parties, raids, or sieges. Please send a private message to me in the forums if you'd like to join. or PM Riz, Devinea, Rasen in game. If you can't get a hold of these people in game, you may send a message through the mail in game to Riz.
  6. Casual / Semi-hardcore clan RiseOfNoobs currently recruiting Few words about us: Our clan formed by 2 friends with considerable amount of experience in L2 Low-Rate serves (since C3). As they joined GF Evolution, people started gather around them and thus a small CP was formed. We didn't like the idea of CP so we decided to take a bigger step and thats the birth of RoN clan. Clan Info: LVL 5 CH (Gludin) Discord channel (is a must if you wanna join!) Daily activity (MON-FRI) around 18:00 - 2:00 GMT+2 (Weekends are special since most of us works Mon to Fri, so we play more freely during weekends) Recruit Info: Although RoN is a greek based clan we have international members so basic eng communication skills is a must (its ok if u are not good at it, just to be able to communicate efficiently). We mostly focus on EXP PTs, Daily KAMA & RBs right now. Priority Recruits: Fighter DDs Active WK (warlock) Active Healer Active BD Active OL Most of us are around 60 Lv so this level range is the most preferable. Every other class is welcomed to apply as well (Our clan recruits academy members as well). Since we don't wanna recruit every single random player who just wanna join a clan for its crest, in order to apply for invite u can do either of those: PM or Mail in-game to Ali3n (Leader), Avintia (Sub-leader) & Hirako36 to get our discord channel and arrange a small meeting. You can message me to this forum account (just send me your char name and around which time u will be on so one of these 3 chars mentioned above to get in touch with you). Academy recruits can just pm in-game and u will get your invitation. Additional info: First of all our main target is to have fun! There is no room for toxic and hectic people in this clan. Mature community. Fun people to play with (sometimes funnier than it should be).
  7. Clan 7 lvl, skills, wars, CH Aden, Castle. 20% Russiian, 40% Greek, 10% Polish, 10% Hispanic, 20% Other. Main chat and voice language - Engrish. Recruiting solo players 76+ (Priority EE/Bers), CP's 70+ (mage priority). TS: Warband.lineage.gg
  8. Мы с радостью поприветствуем Вас ,в нашем молодом клане . Клановые скилы ,как и клан хол в наличие есть , от вас требование появляться на любых мероприятиях , которые затеял КЛ . ПМ Madert
  9. ELG aka elGuardia. 11 лет в Линейке, слава самого скандального клана на Ру Классике, да и на Глобале кое-чьих мамок повертели... Ну, в общем, не буду заниматься саморекламой. Кто знает, тот знает. А кто не знает - нахуй идет со своим незнанием вместе :D Собственно, набор открыт. Кто нужен? Пачки от 7/9 с онлайном... Похуй каким онлайном, лишь бы играли сутками :D Саппорты гроздьями и поодиночке. Они всегда нужны. На вакансии в пачки - ПЛы сами напишут, кто им нужен. Писать в игре: "CatOfFay "Terra "Uvolenn И ПЛам. Можно писать также в группу клана в ВК (всё равно никто не прочтет, но нам будет приятно). Тут не пишите - я в рот ебал еще форум читать ежедневно. * * * для интересующихся: ◄◄САЙТ►► ◄◄ФОРУМ►► ◄◄ВКОНТАКТЕ►► ◄◄ВИДОСЫ►► ◄◄СТРИМЫ►► * * *
  10. Bawss


    International clan Equinox recruiting active players. We are 4 cp so far and looking to grow even bigger. We always work all for one and one for all, everyone has the same rights and obligations: -only english in clan and ally chat; -full privileges; -access to buffers accounts; -drops and mats are shared; -access to crafter for craft and leveling! -in-game activity will be rewarded by me in donation coins. We have members from Poland,Romania,Russia,Lithuania,Spain and Germany . Everyone is welcome and we accept any class. You can leave me a message here on pm me in game - Bawss My Skype : Payback Bawss We have TS3 GL
  11. Oblivion Привет всем! Будем здесь, будем магами, будем в составе xSide, ищем 10 мемберов, которые смогут принести пользу пачке, выполняя какие-то задачи. Мы же предоставим ответную помощь по приблизительной формуле: ваш_импакт=наш_импакт*2 То есть если вы ничерта не делаете, вы ничерта не получаете, всё по-честному. Если вы помогаете пачке, пачка помогает вам. Собеседование на адекватность проходит в вентриле, если вы нас и мы вас не знаем, попасть будет достаточно сложно. Желательно знакомых. Для тех, кто идет в соло кланы, или в "релакс"-кланы, это отличный шанс и принять участие в бигваре, и с адекватными (нет) людьми поиграть. Видосы с последнего сервера: скайп: nocturnalsentinel
  12. Now recruiting all classes as far as clan slots are available! Most needed: WC, SWS Level 58+ Clan is level 6 and have clan hall in Rune! Have TS3 server! Send me a message in game or leave a reply on here! ign: YouShouldGoAway if i'm offline try XayC or pRestige
  13. We Have: - International community - English only @clan chat - Teamspeak 3 server - Clan level 6 - multiple clan skills - have Royal Guard 1 - Active players (15-30 online) We Need: Players who can speak English (broken English is fine) =) Levels 52+ (players under 40 can join through academy and receive small financial help with 2nd prof.) Players who are interested in group play, so catacombs etc. Classes most needed: SWS, BD, WC, OL But recruitment open for all classes atm! Contact: CL: YouShouldGoAway RG captain: XayC 1 rank officer: MsKilljoy 1 rank officer: Sorcek Or leave a reply here :-)
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