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  1. I'd like to believe that olympiad is a display of skill, where the best player at its class gets the "hero" status... But it's not in most cases. It might be a display of equipment that you grinded for, but in the end it is mostly earned by many other CP members or drivers. You might still go for the grind, but you will be heavily outweighted by the people who invest heavy amounts of cash. Many randoms might see olympiad as a individual competition, but in reality it is heavily based on the faction that you are in. I would definitely prefer it to be the opposite, but it is what it is...
  2. I did learn the skill if that makes a difference for the ones in doubt.
  3. My other SE box has the skill on transformation, and on top of that i've seen others SE do pagans in trasnform.
  4. Helllo, after the new patch as usual skillgrp stopped working. Could we get it back on working? Would really appreciate it, too much ppl in epics ? @fabuLous
  5. " Yeah, just don't go to zaken with summons. If you play this class, fuck you, leave the server or quit playing the game in general " I don't know about you guys , but it looks like the type of attitude a "1 week private server addict" has. Casual summoner raid parties DO EXIST out there and this whole mess is just a dirty slap in the face. GMs will probably fix this, but you people just need to change your mindsets ?
  6. a lot of people getting crashed in goddard
  7. where do you get it? what stats does it give ?
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