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  1. Is the server balanced right now ? Last server was not. Mage was ruled everything and that its to far from balancing. We are a clan with around 80-90 people, we was playing on some classics servers and h5s the last 4-5 years. We thinking of joining but we need to be pretty sure about the balances on the game to spend time and money on. Can someone answer me without questions, if the mage thing is fixed? I will give some examples with things that need to be fixed, because some of them make the mages unstable. Some Melee fighters farming zones. Some zones of the start of l2 was fighters type zones, mages should have HUGE problem farm there. Some of them are Cruma Tower, Wall of Argos, Sillent Valley. This places must be fixed, give mobs huge magic resist to stop mages from take them over. Mages zones for 40 lvl for example, is cemetery etc. With this way a mage will kill 3-4 mobs to got 50k xp when the fighter will kill one or 2 in the same time to get the same amount of xp. Mages need to shit down. Netherless the situation or the buffs, a mage that not resting means the game is unbalanced. Mages need to do big damage and this is a fact, but the above things is pretty much a need. For the end game, pretty much the things is okay, on massive pvp mages have the upper hand and this is okay, thats how its should be. ( Distance, Damage )
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