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  1. I completed it and received 90k adena only. I did it on C4 server some time ago and got like 90% exp + good adena.
  2. Hi, acts of evil quest does not give experience upon completion. It normally gives exp and adena since C4. It needs to be fixed, please?
  3. It should be a hard CAP for level at each stage, not just 0.1 rate. For example, if you reach 60 in first stage that is it, no more exp for you. Last edition MW1 the soft cap was at level 60 during first stage and people still reached 68++ (nolifers/botters). HARD CAP is a better option. Please consider.
  4. Anyone has played on this server before? what are the numbers we can expect online? Is it in the range od 2-3k? 5-8k? or 10k+ ?
  5. Chetnie pogram z wami, ale wolalbym miec jakis klan od poczatku. Do zobaczenia online! x
  6. Ahh, I see. Thanks for the reply!!!! Do you happen to know what is the expected online on this server?
  7. Is it just me? I click on the download files and nothing happens. Is it just me? am I doing something wrong?
  8. Siemanko, planuje tu pograc, bede mial miesiac no-life (poza graniem praca/silka, ale reszte dnia pizgam) a pozniej przylatuje zona z dzieckiem, wiec bedzie mniej czasu, ale na pewno bede gral dalej. Server sie zapowiada bardzo dobrze. Przydala by sie jakas ekipa? nie mowie, ze konieczny topowy klan, ale fajnie miec towarzystwo i czasem jakies party?? nick w grze na mainie - Ashburton. Prawdopodobnie bedzie spoil + wc + bard. /w kontakcie!
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