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  1. Gentlemen, here is the promised list! I want to say that initially the rules stated that there would be only 10 winners, but we could not help but notice the efforts of the other participants (of which there were more than 10) and decided to further expand the prize pool. We love you and wish you pleasant streams, with big Donates, no bans and, of course, high-quality content :) 1. Madbonus - 4000rub. 2. Tamerlan - 4000rub. 3. KingKongSasha - 4000rub. 4. Frank TV - 4000rub. 5. Feomi - 4000rub. 6. Dinamix - 4000rub. 7. NAFRICT - 4000rub. 8. Resider - 4000rub. 9. Ranadel - 4000rub. 10. KraGenDCP - 4000rub. 11.QQmore1 - 4000rub. 12. Smilev2 - 4000p. 13. HindRance - 2000rub. 14. PETROVICHL2 - 2000rub. 15.ytya - 2000rub. 16.john1890 - 2000rub. 17.4okaBo - 2000rub. 18. Widez - 2000rub. Winners, to receive an award - please pm Safero with your details (Qiwi or Yandex).
  2. Thank you! We will check it. ?
  3. Good day! While developing the concept of the server, we primarily focus on the opinion of the players, so if this skill is in demand, then it may be added in future updates.
  4. If you did this: – Allowing it to work through antivirus filters - Restarting the pc – Deleting system folder and run full check – Closing l2.bin in task manager And it didn't work for you? Try following these steps: 1. type kommando / commando in the windows searchbar. 2. Right click on it, and choose "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" 3. copy paste this : net user administrator /active:yes 4. Click enter 5. Hold down "WINDOWS button" and L, to log off your current user 6. Log in as ADMIN 7. In the windows searchbar search for COMPUTER, click it 8. Find users (your normal user youre usally logging in as 9. Find the Gamefolder, run the updater (full check) 10. YOu can play the game now, and update it succesfully 11. You have to run it on the admin account
  5. 30-40 minutes before server start
  6. Try to delete l2.bin in the task manager
  7. Hi! Try this Site Download: https://l2e-global.com/download/E-Global.exe google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11eGB-lnrMdPpEdkZ3OiKDyB1g_XJT11-/view?usp=sharing sendspace: https://www.sendspace.com/file/keaun3 dropmefiles: https://dropmefiles.com/uKG36
  8. To get your free bonuses you will need to complete simple following actions: Roll cards in a card game on this page; Join the game during open beta from November 13 to November 19. Gifts for visiting OBT of the server! If you don't have master account. Complete registration process described above. If you have an account, log in and create game account. Download files on the home page or promo page.(Will be available soon) After Open Beta launch (Nov 13, 6:00pm GMT) you will need to enter the game and create character. Make yur opinion abut the content and be online for at least 5-10 minutes. Before start all players with created characters will get their bonuses at CP Warehouse (Screenshot? A SECRET AND UNIQUE ACCESSORY THAT CANNOT BE GETTED ANOTHER WAY (NOT AT ALL (EVEN FOR A DONATION). Vitality Potion - Replenishes 5000 vitality points.(1/4 of cap) Extra Pass - Rim Kamaloka (for Premium owners); ? Bonuses can be only transfered to a character that belongs to your master account! Dear players! Please do not transfer gifts/Family Coins/make purchases before server start. Our supports will solve your problem, but we will be appreciated for your vigilance.
  9. 1. The description of the bard class is currently available at the link https://l2e-global.com/forum/topic/191892-masterwork-novye-i-obnovlennye-umeniya/, but unfortunately only in Russian (the English version will be coming soon ... ) 2. Some locations, as well as a the drop from them, will change along with the transition to the new chronicles, as the Korean developer intended. 3. At all stages, songs and dances are placed on a separate panel.Triggers such as Greater Heal, Overlord Heal, etc. are also placed on a separate panel. There will be no problems with buff slots. Thanks for your interest in our project
  10. BD and Sws will be combined, and one bard will be enough for the group?
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