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  1. Sup friends! So been a while since server start and I had to make another movie, this one includes Big Fafurion pvp featuring OS and Rise clans. The rest of the clips are random pvps caught while farming, Enjoy! Youtube link: POV: Rainday as Bladedancer Clans featured: RakiMasterworka (real KKK), OldSchool, Rise, NorthWind, Heaven, RiseOfSun, KKK Length: 13:58 Soundtrack: False Alarm - Smile empty soul Seether - Fine again 3 days grace - Unbreakable Heart Through Fire - Breathe
  2. Hello friends! Once again, we are back! I made a new movie from random PvPs while farming, enjoy! ? PS. last clip vs Ledger party - long time no see ? https://youtu.be/4N567CzwKgg
  3. [URL="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXkJmF2hDd649OuGKSq11A"]Rainday[/URL]

  4. You might not like it as this time I havent used any rock songs, this time songs regarding my own ambience and summer vibes, anyways hope you will enjoy it. Spread the love, not the hate. This might be my last video on the server. I also didnt post it where all pvp videos are cuz of the range of availability. Thank you everyone for the fun! One thing to remember, never hate on anyone in a game, it is just a game after all.
  5. I havent even realized that, thanks a lot for info! :)
  6. New movie up! Bladedancer pov with KKK clan. Few pvps from Epics and one random pvp with OldSchool, Enjoy! PS. I love u guys all :) PS.2 Dont mind ur pvp tips, I dont care :) Only Drama comments allowed! PS.3 In 2 weeks getting a new PC, frapses will be more lit
  7. Its all about cast, I can hit and go back while using skills in some cases is not good, thats why I didnt use it, I'd be melted right away, I used them when I knew I wont get melted fast. Anyways I see ur point, ill try to improve next time, thanks for the tips. Btw. look how fast they get melted, its rly hard to use all of the mp as an archer
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