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  1. im sorry but those kind of items are not allowed even to freight or mail them.
  2. Hello, we stated that lot of player was actually on epic that day, and only 7 was subscrived to oly.
  3. increasing our macro/commands spam/delay time, will affect as well our anti cheat status that will become less stricted. by the system view a cycling macro compared with a program doesnt look soo much different, so thats why its hard to distinguish that on our anti cheat system and thats why its so hard for us to solve this problem... its a matter of math. hope to give you a correct answer or explanation regards
  4. Hello dear users, our server has been restarted for updates/fixes, it was announced previously on our forum, i suggest you all to double check our forum for that kind of information prior to open a post or a support ticket. Thank you for understanding E-Global Support team -thread closed-
  5. You will be updated about it in the Announcement section of forum when is going to be ready
  6. Please wait, we will solve your problem. Can you please provide your ticket reference number and character nickname. Thank you
  7. SLKware


    Hello, There is another kind on post already discussed about that. Pole Farming
  8. Report are always welcome, maybe next time better report that kind of situation on a support ticket, we would read it anyway. Thank you for your time and cooperation
  9. Main class change is not available because as been tested, and it result in a lot of bugs and wrong statistic of the player.... in small word it break the player.
  10. Yes, integrated one, is good only just to start and use the basic function of the pc, like text documents or whatever. L2 is using a huge amount of GPU processing and graphical overall. im sorry but yes, you will need to have a new dedicated videocard in order to play the game. Hope to see you again soon with us Regards L2 E-Global Team
  11. Good Morning, Im sorry to say that your integrated video card present in your motherboard is far away from the minium requisite Video: Microsoft Basic Render Driver (619), DX v4.9r904 Option: 1280x720S_W1sH0A2KP VideoResources: 104 MB i believe you will need a video card for it, at least 1 GB, but recommend 2GB+.
  12. Hello dear player, Just for info, there is a scroll that need to be bought from npc BUTLER, that is a offline trade shop scroll, valid for 2 days... when the scroll will expire, trader offline will be automatically disconnected. this have been made as well to limit this offline traders that was permanently on store sell without any limits.
  13. Hello, Please next time when you find a solution to your problem, write how you solved, so we can avoid to investigate how this things can happen. Thank you for your time and cooperation
  14. Hello, i was about to write that just today we tested that quest with 3 different characters and it was working fine. Thank you for advise, i will close the thread
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