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Passed by/ Evander
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  1. When we play in the same server you will always be #2 #3 #4 #5 or #10. I played with 1 hand and with the other I did fingering your wet mommy and tasted all her juices.
  2. The only I beat is a girl with extra hair and girly voice like you. I hold your hair spitting in your mouth and fucking your anus like a little bitch. You are my #1 fanboy chasing me and tagging me everywhere. Cause I did pk your trash group for over a month when we was playing in same side and excuseme told me to let you farm sometimes next to me cause you had 2 hours prime minus the instances. You are the number one clown garbage I've ever deal with.
  3. I fraps cause you was speaking too much and you was too fucking loud for a driver with 2 hours prime. I shutted your mouth and rekt your anus. I hope you amusing the same way your clients like you amusing us hearing your girly voice. We imagine you being a waiter with girly voice and hearing people laugh at you when you turning your back. #sadlife
  4. 5 times killed this trash doombringer, playing first time judi and of course I don't take screenshots when killing random drivers like you.
  5. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA screenshots I killed you 5 times with judi with 0 gear no 150 weapon lol. Also the setup you killed in 3v3 I wasn't playing it was just a push setup low pointer first wave LMAOOOO. When I play on destr setup 3v3 is unbeatable 15-0 100% winrate and noone registering in same wave with me except dominator pack. You are losing your mind waiter, a Latte macchiato no sugar and fast niqqer.
  6. Yeap it happened, stop being delusional little kid with girly voice. What did I told you before? Go back to your clients and serve fucking coffee or you won't take 10$ per day you little rat.
  7. You came once maybe twice when we doing oly with @Kr0zE at valhalla. You asked to register with your 50 pointer se and we kelta told you to shut the fuck up and don't flood, probably cause he thought it was a girl at a mans tavern. Then once more when you cried to kozis to gear up your trash 50 pointer se when you finish 5th behind fucking mas9 lol. Facts is that you have a girly voice and you are a trashcan begger driver with 2h prime at this game. Go back to server coffee now cause clients waiting.
  8. scoot = clown Thanks for amusing us and gave such content with your girly voice. Every time you argue with this clown scoot, have in mind that he has a girly voice. You can't mad at a girl right?
  9. stop it please, we die lauging at you this morning. everything you write we just pretend its you on ts with girly voice. enough please clown ))))))))))))))))
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