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All summer long, with minimal competition and donate
Year-round help and an easy start for everyone

We realize
you're an adult and value your time,
but +300% to the rate is +300% to the rate.

We're different,
but we find meaning to keep moving
ahead together.

worker 5/2
Likes to start 9 boxes and close instances watching anime while listening on discord to his friends playing dota without him.

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Treats his character like a tomagotchi, doesn't want to leave him and will be with him to the end.
Likes to crank the weapons to +16 and collect all the boost from his party. Leaves the ship last.
A tournament type of mentality, we don't understand him. Firefly with 30-man competition is his special fetish.
The main
On servers with a small stable online, the main opponent is a mob.
However, you can also feed some of them...

Recruit for special ops

Only people add value.
We hold on to every sane player and are ready to offer help in exchanging loyalty.

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A timeline
you must attend

Hurry up or you'll be regret it!

It'll all help me unwind before season five starts in the fall. I think I'll dive in. Are you with me?
9x9 tournament

Who's stronger?

Equipment is limited and will be given out from a special manager, allowing any group to participate and try their hand against other players.

Eternal innovations

Pinnacle of development

Challenges for players in the form of a new armor grade and 6 locations.

Farming locations will dilute the usual routine, and the set will grant characters interesting bonuses.

TvT MOBA-like

There are 2 events in development

We love giving unique content.

You'll be fighting against an opposing team, capturing points, and monsters will both help and stop you from doing so.


You have hundreds more lives ahead of you,
but MW is probably only here.

The best in the world -
it's a fact.....

Opening and merging once a year

Gathered 21k online at cap

137k characters in season 4

1800+ players in Big-War

1200+ players in Mid-War

Take all the online every fall

Biggest team

Unified the community of all chronicles

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